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HighBreedMusic: a cultural hub, a hidden venue, an underground studio – all within the heart of Brooklyn’s largest artistic neighborhood.

To many, the space is known simply by its nickname “The Breeding Ground”, where many of New York’s most gifted and versatile musicians and vocalists come to share ideas, create memories, and make amazing music together. Here it was always different. It wasn’t funded. It wasn’t selling anything. It wasn’t genre specific. It didn’t matter how successful you were, or what color your skin was, or how old you were. All that mattered was… “…can you play?”

Record producer, musician, and HighBreedMusic’s founder Tariq Khan had always felt that when artists and musicians performed in the recording studio, though great, it was noticeably different from the energy they would bring to a live audience.

“We wanted to marry the lush sound of pro-studio records with the magical performance energy we felt at NYC’s best night club performances – so we developed this clever recording concept to ultimately bring the audience into the studio” says Khan.

Thus, the HighBreedMusic Recording Lounge was born – combining a fully-functional recording studio, video stage, and underground speakeasy venue into one. The sessions felt like concerts, but the quality of the recordings coming from them were undeniable, and the city’s artists kept coming.

With the help of co-founder + Grammy-Winning videographer Nikki Birch and the city’s 750+ person community of top-tier musicians and artists, a self-run and self-curated platform emerged, built purely on love and musicianship. Legends came through, iconic jam sessions and in-house concerts happened regularly. Albums were produced, friendships were built, and careers blossomed around original, authentic, virtuosic, and timeless music.

Come experience this gifted and diverse family of captivating artists up close and personal, performing for their friends and peers in a one-of-a-kind setting.

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