Holy Roller Productions reaches the next phase of expansion and prepares to take you higher with a new look, and the launch of two new record labels. HR2 and Holy Roller recordings are set to release new music for 2012 and beyond.

Commentator of black music, culture, dance, film and related, Holy Roller has been bringing the heat assaulting the senses and enriching the mind both visually and aurally since 2009. Having recently relaunched the Holy Roller radio show on the site after a two year stint on SpineTV, host IG Culture and Manz at Holy Roller have been working away quietly behind the scenes and are now proud to bring forth Holy Roller Recordings and HR2. The two record labels, represent two sides of the same coin, and serve as a launchpad for music from hiphop, to electronic soul to ghetto funk to cosmic jazz.

IG Culture, once again at the helm, pushes forward on his ongoing quest to bring boundary-breaking, roots-cultivated dance music to the floor and to the people. Welcome news to all who know and love his work! With IG behind the wheel of the two labels and Z-Now as co-pilot filling in the gaps, Holy Roller recordings and HR2 are now ready to make waves!

To celebrate the birth of Holy Roller Recordings and HR2 Manz at work, a mixtape of mashups, productions and rare remixes by IG Culture, is now free to download from bandcamp for the first 200 people.


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