Hey Internet Lovers,

Now in its 5th year, Internet Week New York is a week-long festival celebrating NYC’s thriving industry and community, here is how to partake:


Let us know what you’re loving about the festival, we can be found @internetweek and use the official hashtag #iwny.



You Like us, right? Prove it on Facebook.



There’s so much great content going on at Internet Week NY’s 82 Mercer HQ, that it’s almost impossible to catch it all if you’re in town and definitely impossible to be there for any of it if you’re in Chicago. This is why we’ve partnered up with our friends at Livestream, who are bringing almost all of our content from HQ to you for free at new.livestream.com/iwny.


The Internet Week NY App from Slalom Consulting

We’re big fans of having fun, being organized, and staying busy—and the Official Internet Week NY app from Slalom Consulting will help you to do all three. Whether you’re running from event to event, watching the Livestream from our HQ, or keeping track of your schedule, Slalom’s app will keep track of your personal festival experience so you don’t have to! The app can be downloaded for Android, iPhone, or Atari.


IWNY Official Meetup Tool, Crowded Room

Crowded Room is a location-based mobile service that connects users who frequent similar places, have shared interests and mutual friends. The app digitally identifies common bonds between people who go – or might go – to the same places and puts personality to the faces in a crowd to make socializing, networking and dating easier. The app is available in the iPhone App Store and Android Market.



Since we have more than 200 events, getting around is definitely something to think about—but not with Uber! If you’re an HQ passholder, all you need to do for 50% off a chauffeured ride to or from our 82 Mercer HQ is download the app and use the code IWNYUBER. If you’re one of the lucky Insider Pass Holders, you’ll be automatically credited $50 to your account using the code we provide you with in your Insider Pass Tool Kit. Why are you still reading this? You should be dowloading Uber on iPhone or Android!



You know we like to keep in touch, so using GroupMe to talk to all of your festival friends is perfect! You can coordinate your plans to go to the Make it Matter Party from the CM Summit while simultaneously gossiping about your hair and makeup for The Webutante Ball.Download GroupMe for iPhone or Android and get yourself a crew.



You’ve probably heard about the Design Within Reach contest where you can win you a $1000 gift card to DWR by taking pictures of the DWR Lounge or Cafe in our HQ, but just to make sure you’re sending us all of your dramatically filtered pictures of Richard Blakeley at The Webutante Ball—tag your photos #iwny and follow us at InternetWeek.


Don’t be shy, we want to hear from you! So make sure you get in touch during the week on Facebook or Twitter, because everything that happens at Internet Week…stays on the Internet forever.


See you on the Interwebs,

Team Internet Week NY


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