MTV Hive interviews Talib Kweli on Obama, Cain, troubles with magazine review and why Occupy Wall Street isn’t going away anytime soon.

On Herman Cain: “Herman Cain is Bizarro Obama. He’s the flip side; he lives in an alternate universe”

On President Obama’s election promises: “I would’ve been surprised if he delivered on anything. With that said, he’s actually doing a better job than I thought he was going to do”

On who will win the election: “Anyone in this country who really thinks Obama is going to lose is crazy.

On Occupy Wall Street- “I definitely don’t think it’s going to fade away. The fact is that for many people in this country, their futures have been stolen from them”

On Spin Magazine “Just over the years, when I read Spin — this might sound a little crazy — but it’s hard for a black rapper to get love in Spin; especially a black rapper who is talking about the struggle. I’m not saying the white rappers they cover are safe, but it’s a white publication that feels very comfortable with rappers when they are not talking about the struggle.”

Read full interview here.

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