Introducing The Fit Mix Collection, a Series of Underground House Workout Music Mixes Made For Moving and Having Fun.

Smooth, soulful beats of Fit Mix inspires movement, and keeps workouts focused. Available to download at

SAN FRANCISCO, California-July 24, 2012-House Club Fitness announces today, The Fit Mix Collection, is available for download. Smooth, soulful beats of House music pulled together by a single bass line inspires movement, and keeps workouts focused while having fun – whether on the dance floor, working out at home, or learning new moves with a professional fitness instructor in a gym or studio.

This collection of workout music mixes is produced and engineered by legendary House artists, and features underground House music from around the world. They compliment any fitness program, and designed for individuals and fitness instructors to use in personal training sessions and fitness classes.

Developed by a veteran House dancer and fitness advocate:

“Underground House music is perfect for your workout. Unique sounds and rhythms motivate you. The driving beats inspire the next step or rep. And, the artists take you on musical journeys that are truly magical and entertaining. Time to get down.”

– Melissa Hunsbedt, Founder and CEO of House Club Fitness

How it Works

Fit Mix has three separate continuous mixes, each with their own style and vibe:


60-minute mix for cardiovascular exercise and sculpting with 5-minute warm up. Uplifting beats with a banging bass line.


30-minute mix for core strength training. Just the right beat to gain focus, and find the zone.


10-minute mix for stretching and cool down. Recover and relax after a workout, day or night at the club.

One hundred minutes of music that’s easy to navigate during any workout or fitness class. And, beats are adjusted to help maximize the benefits of each type of exercise.

“Fit Mix has made is easy to find great music for my classes. With the variety of artists, and three styles of mixes, there are so many options for pulling together an amazing class or workout. Fit Mix motivates you to work your body while feeding your soul.”

– Michelle Opperman, Crunch Fitness Instructor and Professional Dancer

“Fit Mix music is great to get my clients in motion during our workouts. And, the three tracks make transitions from cardio, to core strength training, to cool down, quick, seamless, and professional.”

– Brandon Copes, Crunch Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

Releases & Artists

Six releases available now.

Fit Mix by Charles Webster

Our debut release is by a true innovator of deep and soulful sounds from the United Kingdom. Learn more

Fit Mix by Anthony Mansfield

Native New Yorker, now San Francisco hero, gets funky with deep House and organic Breaks. Learn more

Fit Mix by Mr. V

Just dance. This deep House workout mix by New York’s underground heavy-hitter gets you in the groove. Learn more

Fit Mix by Alix Alvarez

Soulful sounds brought to you by the inspiring Sound Engineer from the New York underground. Get deep. Learn more

Fit Mix by Galen

The underground favorite from San Francisco brings it with his soulful, Techno mix. Learn more

Fit Mix by jojoflores

The global ambassador of deep and soulful dance music from Montreal delivers once again. Learn more

Download the entire series, and keep workout music selections fresh by mixing and matching artists’ Endurance, Strength, and Reflect mixes.

Upcoming releases are currently being produced, including Fit Mix by Roy Davis, Jr., acclaimed Producer, DJ, and Vocalist from Chicago. Learn more, and sign up to receive an email notification when available.


The Fit Mix artists entertain the masses, setting the atmospheres for events and parties in underground clubs, warehouses, and outdoor environments all over the world. They know how to get a crowd dancing, and create the perfect mood.

Each Fit Mix artist has hand-selected tracks that set the tone and pace for each of their respective Endurance, Strength, and Reflect mixes. They feature an amazing assortment of underground House music from global record labels including SOLE Channel Music, Miso Records, Hectorworks Records, Large Music, Dirt Crew Recordings, Gotsoul Records, PLUS, Producers and Vocalists including Mark Grant, Sascha Dive, Kerri Chandler, Rasoul, and many others.

Track lists and samples available at

Pricing & Availability

Download Fit Mix from House Club Fitness ( for USD$11.99. Also available on iTunes ( and YogiTunes (

About House Club Fitness

Fit Mix is the debut product of House Club Fitness in San Francisco, California. House Club Fitness delivers high-quality fitness products infused with underground House club culture that inspires dance, physical fitness, and fun.

“I love the Fit Mix concept, funky dance mixes, and vision of the company. The Fit Mix brand has the ability to take dance music to the masses in a new and interesting way.”

– Asya Shein, Founder and Publisher,

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Fit Mix is a registered trademark of House Club Fitness, LLC.

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