Inventions & Dimensions Podcast: A Exploration in Sound with DJ FLOW

In the heart of the Bay Area, DJ FLOW, known off the airwaves as Chris Santos, embarks on a musical journey with Inventions & Dimensions, a podcast that digs deep into the world of Jazz vinyl. With a record collection spanning two decades, DJ FLOW has become a renowned figure in the vinyl community, and his recent viral social media post unveiling his Top 5 Jazz essentials served as the spark for this unique audio experience.

DJ FLOW’s post, showcasing his top 5 jazz essentials, resonated globally, amassing over a million views and sparking engaging conversations among notable artists, collectors, and enthusiasts. This viral phenomenon unveiled a passionate audience hungry for Jazz Vinyl, laying the foundation for the Inventions & Dimensions podcast.

Previous episodes of the podcast have featured illustrious guest selectors including DJ Platurn, DJ Epik, and producer/record collector SNDTRAK. To expand the podcast’s focus on jazz and jazz adjacent artists, Inventions & Dimensions collaborated with the 2023 San Jose Jazz Summer Fest, setting up a live booth powered by Topo Chico. San Jose Jazz arranged access to some of the most acclaimed artists at the festival including Veronica Swift, Mae.Sun, Marcus Miller, Jungle Fire, and The Soul Rebels to name a few, giving DJFLOW the opportunity to create episodes with captivating stories and exceptional music selections.

The Inventions & Dimensions Podcast takes a refreshing approach, steering away from traditional interview formats. Instead of delving into artists’ backgrounds or technical details on their musicianship, the podcast invites guests to share the music they’d play on a road trip or during a dinner gathering. This unique angle fosters genuine conversations about music, understanding more about their influences and creating an intimate connection between the artists and listeners.

The podcast’s format enables a profound exploration of forgotten and overlooked songs that may have eluded digital platforms. In an age of constant music influx, the Inventions & Dimensions Podcast revisits the timeless ritual of vinyl curation. The joy of acquiring records, bringing them home, placing them on the player, and immersing oneself in the cover art and liner notes becomes a cherished experience in each episode.

As the podcast gains momentum, DJ FLOW remains committed to sharing new music from his collection and reaching diverse audiences globally. The goal is to keep the vinyl culture alive and preserve the art of musical storytelling through sound exploration.  

About San Jose Jazz

Founded in 1986, San Jose Jazz is a public benefit organization celebrating jazz as a dynamic, evolving art form and is producer of the annual San Jose Jazz Summer Fest and Winter Fest. San Jose Jazz innovates trend-setting initiatives to foster artistic ingenuity and preserve the jazz tradition as a forward-thinking movement. Through diverse music and educational programming, San Jose Jazz offers singular content and events by investing in the SF Bay Area ecosystem of exceptional talent for local and national audiences to enjoy. More information at sanjosejazz.org.


Hailing from the vibrant Bay Area of California, DJ Flow is a true maestro of the turntables with over two decades of experience under his belt. With a collection that spans the globe, he’s traveled far and wide, tirelessly hunting for rare grooves across diverse genres. His collection and music curation has helped him gain the respect of his peers, notable artists/celebrities and he continues to reach millions of listeners through his growing Social Media accounts. More information at adjnamedflow.com 

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