ISIS SALAM Shares Single “Bills N Tings”

ISIS SALAM Shares Single “Bills N Tings”

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Now returning to the spotlight with new project 4U IN LUE OF FLOWERS – An exploration and meditation on “BLK JOY” ,the often contradictory realities facing a  queer non nor-atypical black female artist. “ Black”; commonly associated with the negative and joy being its antithesis.  ISIS SALAM yet again proves her vocal skills, versatility  as well as her playful side with  a sincere  desire for her music to have an impact.

Powerful music, as diverse as her story of strife and self discovery.Featuring collaborations with legendary chicago hip house producer Tyree Cooper (best known for billboard chart topper  “Turn up the bass”) and Kelvin Scholar (of composer for QTip, Carl Craig, stevie Wonder), 4 U IN LIEU OF FLOWERS blends the sounds of deep house bass lines, dillaesque jazz & hip shaking disco grooves – joining Salam’s past and future. Part one of her three-part anthology of music, 4 U is poised to enlighten the masses on Salam’s skills as a formidable singer/songwriter, rapper, producer and a truth seeker.

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ISIS SALAM’s natural habitat: the spotlight. Besides her many musical talents, the rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, dj and entertainer is known for bringing boundless amounts of energy on stage and respected by her fans and peers for her integrity and versatility. The Nigerian-born, Toronto-raised, Berlin-based and New York- and London-schooled artist’s underground appeal has been building since her debut in the scene in 2008.

Kicking off her career as an integral part of the acclaimed Electro-Rap duo THUNDERHEIST, Isis brought a singular and radical sound to the electronic music scene, resulting in breakthrough-performances and a number of artist collaborations including legends such as Tyree Cooper, Junky XL, Noreaga, Pharell, Sub-ann and LeftWing & Kody. Her soulful, take-no-prisoners vocal performances set THUNDERHEIST’s tracks apart from many of the cookie cutter dance acts flirting with electronic sound and brought the duo to sold out shows around the globe. A solo career was imminent and after her sophomore release “Let Go” with deep house label Exploited Records featuring German Duo Kruse & Nuernberg, ISIS SALAM continued exciting the crowds at some of Europe’s top music festivals such as MELT, SONAR, ADE and BREAD & BUTTER.

However, the next chapter of Salam’s career has put her in the pilot seat as she has self-produced, mixed and engineered a number of new tracks off her forthcoming, highly-anticipated EP, (4U) (MYDEAR ) (IN LUE OF FLOWERS). and Having found her way into the heart of the Berlin underground, Isis made her claim on its infamous techno scene. Her live set is a pure on-stage evolution: opening with deep-breathing, bass- heavy house; it morphs into sexified nu-disco before growing into a full-blown dance party, driven to create the perfect environment for lovers of the classics and the eccentric. The multi-hyphenate’s talents have not gone unnoticed by iconic names in the music industry as her artful prowess has allowed her to share the stage with bold faced names such Kanye West, Solange and Peaches, artists who represent Salam’s incredible range and reach. Her drive and motivation grew into her manifesto. The message ISIS SALAM is putting out there, implemented in every piece of her work: “Everything I do – I do it for the love.”

And the love keeps on growing – Isis now returns to the spotlight, yet again proving her vocal skills as well as her playful side and a desire for her message to have an impact.