John Legend has become an investor and partner with HINT, Inc., makers of the no calorie, unsweetened essence water.


The unique angle is that unlike most celebrity endorsement deals, John is paying out his pocket to be part of Hint and has invested his own money in the company (and is NOT being paid by the brand).


He is aligning himself with the brand to further his social agenda and use his celebrity status to send a message regarding healthier alternatives for his fans.


It’s all about taking small & easy steps to better our overall well-being.

The Nine-time Grammy winner first discovered HINT Water at his local Whole Foods, which sparked an interest in the company. After reaching out to founders, Kara and Theo Goldin, John knew they were on to something and HINT was more than just bottled water.


With over 60 percent of the United States overweight, HINT is just one step toward helping people live a better lifestyle.  With this in mind, John believed in HINT and saw that he was supporting a much larger cause to help people change the way they consume beverages.


In the midst of a childhood obesity epidemic, HINT is the first beverage other than plain water approved by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation for schools.


John believes in what HINT stands for and that is why he joined forces with them.

John Legend talks about HINT water:


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