JOVAN COLEMAN aka J-1 (THE DEER) RIP – How you can help

100% of Donations go directly to the Coleman family in effort to bring our brotha home to rest in Cleveland, Ohio.

March 5, 1979 – November 27, 2011

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Jovan Coleman, a.k.a. J-1 (The DEER), the well-loved drummer and producer has sadly died.

Sad news came last Monday as the death of Jovan Coleman was announced. A self-taught musician, the Cleveland-born Coleman relocated to LA releasing his own beat tapes as well as playing in a number of bands and is probably best known for his work with DaM-FunK’s live deep-funk trio Master Blazter.


11/28 – Los Angeles Honors & Celebrates J-1 at DaM-Funk’s weekly, Funkmosphere.

Words by: Andres Reyes

Kamao Daood said a community is a family. Jovan Coleman was a mid-west transplant but he found a home and a second family in Los Angeles.

Monday November 28th the news broke that J-1 passed while abroad in Sweden. The DJ/musician/producer had integrated himself deeply in LA’s musical community in a few short years. A pivotal piece of Master Blazter with DaM-FunK and Computer Jay, J 1 was just beginning to realize his dreams.

Last night at Carbon in Culver City, a heavy-hearted Dam-Funk dedicated Funkmosphere to J 1. House Shoes played a set of records J loved. PB Wolf brought a box of the direct-to-vinyl record Master Blaster did for Stones Throw and gave away copies to everyone in attendance. Close friends of J gathered with those who never got the chance to meet him, but grieved anyway.

Dam spoke on J’s significance to modern funk and his importance and brilliance as a person. Eric Coleman brought his camera and gave everyone a chance to say some last words of love to J. Shoes played Radiohead’s “Idioteque” a joint J always wanted to play but felt unsure if people would accept it. Shoes also told the crowd how J is responsible for introducing Shoes to the mother of his child. People drank Cazadores, J’s favorite tequila, and put all colors of smoke in the air. The donation bucket was passed around, a bittersweet reminder of reality.

The words of Kamao Daood wrote, inspired by Horace Tapscott, who was inspired by his musical community in LA, ring true for us in 2011. J-1 is one of us, yesterday and tomorrow. Rest in Power.

San Francisco, join us on December 4th for a fundraiser for J-1: