With a spirit of discovery and a keen eye on the future of media technology, trendsetting public radio station, 89.9 FM KCRW-Santa Monica expands its online presence with KCRWmusic.com. For the first time, KCRW star DJs like Nic Harcourt, Chris Douridas, Tom Schnabel, Jason Bentley, Garth Trinidad and Anne Litt will be back to back instead of spread out over different days and times.

KCRWMusic.com boasts the same variety of cutting edge music that defines the station’s eclectic identity, featuring electronica to progressive pop, Latin alternative to modern soul, hip-hop, trip-hop, world music and more. A special element of KCRWMusic.com is “Today’s Top Tune”, a 24-hour-only downloadable song of the day, available on weekdays. For the best music online Love the DJ at KCRWmusic.com.

The KCRWmusic.com stream is also available through iTunes and AOL.