Kevin Powell launches BK Nation: Building Knowledge


I am very excited to announce that I am a co-founder of a new national organization called BK Nation (the BK stands for “Building Knowledge”). We will work on major issues like education, jobs and small businesses, health and wellness, leadership training, community development, and more. We are asking YOU to be a part of this new movement, especially since BK Nation’s motto is “The leadership is us,” and this will truly be an organization for the people, all people.

Asking you to please go to PayPal, use the email address donate@bknation.org, and donate $5 now, as a contribution before the holiday season is over. We officially launch BK Nation in the Spring of 2013 but the work has already begun. And we need your help. Please note at this time donations are not tax-deductible, but will be by our launch. Thank you so very much.—KEVIN POWELL @kevin_powell