MAYA JUPITER releases her third solo album titled ‘NEVER SAID YES’


Maya Jupiter stands resolute on solid ground. In many respects, her poise reflects a dignified yet unstoppable storm raging within a lyrical savant. If ever there were an eye so fixed on the voices of the oppressed, and an ear tuned into the deafening silence of a sedated landscape bathed in inertia, it’s hers. Standing on the battleground with a mic in her hand, she drops bombs over frenetic beats and punk riffs laced with deep cultural nuance, head nods to the Ancestors. The pride of original score and live instrumentation permeates the vibration.


But this is only a part of the story. Meshed within NEVER SAID YES, is the emergence of maternal love. The plurality of woman as a mother, wife, niece, daughter and granddaughter, gazing across generations, feeling the wonderment of birth, the joy and responsibility of what this embodies and what a woman is capable of. Feminism most high.


While this may seem like an uncommon coupling, for artivists and activists alike, this is life. It brings forward the human aspect that sits behind the front line, a clever insight into countless women who march forward in a state of emergency for the betterment of humanity.


Born in La Paz, Mexico to a Mexican Father and Turkish Mother, Maya grew up in Sydney, Australia. She had a solid career in music and entertainment within Australia before leaving to further her solo career in the United States. Moving to Los Angeles in 2008, she continued to grow her passion using the of power music as a tool to make a positive difference in her community.  This has been the underlying purpose of her life’s work.


It is with this ideal that she co-founded Artivist Entertainment, a company committed to creating and supporting art and music that inspires positive social change alongside Quetzal Flores, Veronica Gonzales, Alberto Lopez and Aloe Blacc. Each artist is instrumental in nurturing Maya’s agency of voice, supporting her vision and realization of this album.


NEVER SAID YES explores moments in time, informed by those who came before us, who stand with us, against us and those who will come long after we’ve gone. You get a taste of an unapologetic storyteller emboldened by the struggle as an agent of change, with the mic in one hand and a baby on the hip – bringing others forward in Revolution.



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Maya Press-Fus


Album produced by Quetzal Flores

Art & Design by Ernesto Yerena Montejano and Maya Jupiter

Art Direction & Styling by Erica Krumpl

Photography by Grace Oh





Madre Tierra  




Never Said Yes