An exciting app called SongCast offers great benefits for both listeners and musicians with its curated music selections from the most trending international artists. It’s a unique distribution platform that gives artists access to the very best streaming services such as Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Music. It solves the challenges many artists face in distributing their work –by giving them a platform to reach mobile and streaming listeners.

The free app features zero ads, and an eclectic selection of music from the company’s own expert DJs and the listeners. Musicians on SongCast can get their music out in front of a large audience, and the listeners can find the hottest new acts before they go mainstream.

Exciting highlights from the SongCast app:

  • Features music from more than 17,000 international artists
  • Musicians can earn significant royalties for their work and build a loyal following
  • Acts also can use syndicated radio services such as Shoutcast and TuneIn

Go to www.SongCast.com to learn more, or get the app for Android or Apple devices.

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