Record Breakin’ Music is proud to introduce a new addition to our family, COLUMBIA NIGHTS.  In 2011 they did a soft release of their cover of Little Dragon‘s “Stormy Weather”.  As we prepare to release their debut album we wanted to reacquaint you with this lovely reinterpretation.


Drawing from soul, hip-hop, R&B, electronica, and jazz, Columbia Nights hopes to add to the conversation by offering a fresh take on a timeless tradition. Co-producers John E Daise and Hayling Price made their rounds in Philadelphia playing the city’s trademark blend of neo-soul, and vocalist Sari Abdul-Malik met the pair midway through her studies at Howard University’s Jazz Department. Joined by their love of vinyl, laughter and thai iced tea, the Washington, D.C. based trio creates a unique sound rooted in balance; their sounds represent a synthesis of the analog and the digital, the bright and the drak, the warm and the wintry.


We are proud to present

Columbia Nights – Stormy Weather

(FREE Single download)


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