NEW VIDEO from “Love on High” presented by Juan Hoerni feat. Terry Dexter “Say It” on Cha Cha Project Recordings.  Video directed by Chris Etheredge


Following the “Love Rewind” single from Los Angeles-based soulful house mainstay Cha Cha Project Recordings returns with flavor-packed full-length, Love on High.

Throughout, the album is a showcase of expert craftsman production whose disco elements are perfectly offset with spare jazz-infused instrumentation.

Love on High drops with “Love Rewind” featuring vocal performances from Maurice Smith and Chezere. The singers create a moving interplay that brings home the song’s positive message over jazzy keys, a rolling live bass line, and a tastefully driving drum section.


Roy Davis Jr. remixes “Love on High” with cascading percussion, driving bass, and expertly placed embellishments (more cowbell!) amplifying the original vocals by Terry Dexter. The perfectly produced “Cabaret Le Freak” is a disco stomp-and-romp with spare keys.

Elsewhere, with vocal support from Irantzu and remixes by Terry Hunter and Jovonn, “Love On High” is jam-packed with juicy house and disco love primed and ready for summer. Drop Love on High, an album teeming with future house classics—and you’ll be sure to do so for years to come.

Produced, written and arranged by Juan Hoerni
Rhythm sections by Juan Hoerni
Co-production on “Love Me” by Juwan Rates
Keys by Scott Wozniak
Sax by Steve Graeber
Trumpet by David Soto



Juan Hoerni; DJ, producer, remixer, began his career, unknowingly in 1988 at Upstairs Records where he purchased his first 12″ record. Born in San Francisco, California, of Swiss/French and Mexican background, his love for House Music grew out of Disco and early Eighties dance music. It was in 1993 when Juan bought his first pair of technique 1200’s and began working on his craft of mixing.


His influences at this time were Dj’s Pete Avila (on of the main men responsible for breaking house music in Northern California), Doc Martin, Julius Papp, and the infamous DJ’s Jeno and Garth of the Wicked crew. In 1998, he moved to the bay area and landed an assistant producer job for 106.1FM where he helped Lawrence Petty aka Foxxee Brown, David Harness, Patrick Wilson, and Pete Avila run “Yo Mama’s House,” a 4 hour house music show that brought in legendary guest Dj’s such as Danny Teneglia and Louie Vega to the greater bay area audience.

In 1999, Juan moved to Los Angeles to begin his promotion company; Cha Cha Project, and his new record label, Cha Cha Recordings. Cha Cha Project was formed by Juan in order to bring world renowned deep house dj’s on a weekly basis to Los Angeles. Since then he has been running Niteshift (which has enjoyed great success) along with co-promoter Joseph Munguia.  Juan has successfully brought his dj, producing career to new heights with a discography of over 30 original tracks that he produced, for labels such as Vega Records, Large Music, WAX, and his own Cha Cha Recordings. Juan brings a style of Deep, Latin, and moody house to the tables and the studio and is also known for his obscure and tasty selection of classics.  Check out Juan’s debut album “Move Mountains,” and his upcoming album, “Love on High” on Cha Cha Project Recordings!

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