With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, ‘tis the season for bouquets, extravagant displays of affection, and queueing up one of Pandora’s lovey-dovey stations like R&B Love SongsReggaeton Romantico and Beats Between the Sheets. But for the romantically untethered, February 14 can be just another day or, for some, just plain sad.


No matter what your romantic state, Pandora’s bound to have the playlist for you. And every February 14, people take their pick. Who tends to feel the most romantic on Valentine’s Day? Where, and at what age, are people most likely to feel the love?


To figure it out, we looked at the people who, last year on Valentine’s Day, listened to love-themed stations, and compared them to listeners of stations like Country Breakup Songs and Love Stinks.


First, let’s take a look at the states most likely to listen to love songs over breakup songs.



The state feeling the most love is Hawaii, where people spend 73 hours listened to love stations for every one hour listened to breakup stations. Connecticut is second, followed by Georgia, Florida and New Jersey. South Dakota, meanwhile, is the state that gravitate most toward breakup music, though it’s all relative: South Dakotans are still 17 times more likely to listen to love music than breakup music. …. Maybe love is found in good weather?


How do different age groups differ in this trend? At what points in our life do we need breakup songs, and when do we listen to love songs? The graphic below shows a clear trend: People are more likely to listen to a breakup station in their teenage years and early twenties, gravitating more and more toward love music the older they get. And on the whole, women are more likely to spend time listening to breakup music than men are.



Let’s see what happens when we zoom in on specific artists. Which artists do people go to for love, and which do people queue up in heartbreak? Using the ratio of thumbs up to spins on Pandora over the past year, they have looked at which songs get the most love for certain artists — their big love song, or their big breakup song.


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