After losing her family in a tragic fire at the age of 14, music prodigy violinist, Jasmine Pharrell Love gives heroic performance for the first time in five years.

Will one courageous performance be enough, or will her best friends influence send her into the unforgiving music industry?


“Perspective” claims ownership to the new body of work envisioned by the brilliance of Chicago DJ and Producer Julius the Mad Thinker. This single breaths passion, energy, movement, depth and reflects the struggles that people face as they encounter life’s new obstacles, tragedies and unexpected turns.

Ultimately, “Perspective” is the difference between being resigned and giving up, and succeeding while living a happy life to the fullest.  In this case, it’s also the title song and the second single off of the forthcoming debut album “Perspective”. Complementing the single is an album synopsis that reveals a suspenseful drama which captures readers and leaves them anticipating what comes next.

Always pursuing a different outlook on the way in which people experience music, Julius teamed up with Russell Pike Jr, alias Pleasure Prince to create what he believes will be a new, Epic contribution to the international dance industry. Beyond that the new album Perspective lives up to the name. It explores and visits the genres of afro house, soulful house, deep house, and tech house.

After seeing, hearing, and playing this body of work, you definitely will have a new and different perspective about the way in which you see, hear, and play this music that we all love called “House”!



Produced by JtMT & Pleasure Prince

Conceptual Verses by Julius Spates for Spates Idea Backers ASCAP

Music by Russell Pike Jr for Pike Unlimited Music ASCAP

Mixing by Russell Pike Jr, Julius Spates, & Eric Welton

Mastering by Pike Unlimited Music


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