Congress must save NPR and PBS once and for all. Congress should guarantee permanent funding and independence from partisan meddling. clicking here will add your name.

George W. Bush is trying to slash funding for NPR and PBS proposing a new budget with devastating cuts to public broadcasting. Sesame Street and other ad-free kids’ shows are under the knife. So is the independent journalism our country needs.

Enough is enough. We’ve fought this fight before and won but we can’t afford the risk anymore. With the new Congress, we can make sure this never happens again. We need Congress to insulate NPR and PBS from the political winds.

Congress can protect NPR and PBS from future cuts. The long-term solution to save
public radio and TV is to:

  • fully restore this year’s funding
  • guarantee a permanent funding stream
    free from political pressure
  • reform how the money is spent and keep partisan
    appointees from pushing a political bias

Bush’s budget would cut federal funds for public broadcasting by nearly 25%.

The cuts could also decimate one of the last remaining sources of watchdog reporting on TV—continuing the partisan war on journalism led by the ex-chair of public broadcasting, Ken Tomlinson. More people trust public broadcasting than any corporate news media.4 President Bush would rather undermine our free press than face reporters who are asking tough questions.