Brainfeeder, Warp, Los Angeles

He’s got female relatives whose names are like passwords into any jazz and hip hop lover’s utmost respect (hint: last name Coltrane), but that’s not the only reason why Flying Lotus has attracted props like sunshine to sunflowers. Since his two LP’s for Plug Research and Warp, he’s been in-demand as producer, remixer and live performer all over the globe as part of this years Warp 20 events. Check the pulsing hum of simply sick beats, the blissed-out soundtracks of outerspace computer vistas and a cartoonist’s sense of colour, and you can see why everyone wants his tracks. As well as running his Brainfeeder label, which boasts a roster of forward-thinking beat artists like Ras G, Samiyam, and The Gaslamp Killer among others. Let him take you by the ear for a very special guided tour through what makes Brainfeeder tick with this Fireside Chat straight from RBMA 2010 in London.

The Gaslamp Killer – A Decade Of Flying Lotus Mix – Brainfeeder/Warp
Gonjasufi – Candylane – Warp
Samiyam – My Buddy – Unreleased
Flyamsam – The Offbeat – Ghostly International
Ras G – Stealth Mode – Brainfeeder
Mono/Poly – Manifestations – Brainfeeder
Daedelus – Order Of The Golden Dawn – Brainfeeder
Teebs – Arthurs Birds – Unreleased
Tokimonsta – Fall dreams – Brainfeeder
Lorn – Tomorow – Brainfeeder
Jeremiah Jae – Vertical Pupils – Brainfeeder
Dr. Strangeloop – Are We Lost Mammals…? – Brainfeeder

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