A first-generation American offspring of Panamanian parents, Aloe Blacc is an Orange County, CA native with international flair, having made fans all over the globe. Aloe tours Canada this week and we we’re lucky enough to chat with the man behind music.

Hi Aloe, thanks for chatting with us and welcome to Canada.

It’s nice to return to Canada.  I have had some really nice moments performing and traveling though the country.

Your album ‘Good Things’ (Stones Throw Records) recently went gold in France, your song “I Need a Dollar” was used in HBO’s ‘How to Make It In America’ and your shows sell out.  Is this new platform of success easy to manage on a personal and artistic level?

I’ve been working hard at my craft for a long time and I am happy to welcome the new success. I think that all of my years of grinding as an independent artist doing things on my own have prepared me to manage the growth. Personal time is definitely an issue when it comes to the growing workload, but I elected to be part of this business and I accept the amount of time I have to invest. As an artist, I enjoy traveling because the movement helps me write, and with my laptop I can produce and record music anywhere.


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