Red Hot + Ra, a tribute to SUN RA

Red Hot proudly announces Nuclear War, the first in a series of albums from Red Hot + Ra, a tribute to SUN RA, the great American artist, musician and visionary, out May 26th. The single “Nuke’s Blues (Feat. Josef Leimberg)” performed by Georgia Anne Muldrow is out now.

Nuclear War has over 60 minutes of music by Georgia Anne Muldrow, Irreversible Entanglements, Angel Bat Dawid and Malcolm Jiyane Tree-o, which covers and reinterprets Sun Ra’s 1981 song protesting the meltdown at the Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant near Philadelphia, where Ra and the Arkestra lived.

Since 1990, Red Hot has produced great music to raise awareness of issues that impact the health of individuals and societies around the world.

Over the next two years, Red Hot will release an ongoing series of additional albums that show the relevance of Sun Ra’s vision and music. Stay tuned.

About Red Hot

Red Hot has been a leading pro social music and media non-profit (501c) for over 30 years, beginning with Red Hot + Blue, a Cole Porter tribute; closely followed by Red Hot + Dance, and No Alternative. Those three projects helped lead the fight against AIDS/HIV and for LGBTQ+ rights. Red Hot was the only outside organization who supported ACT-UP, donating a million dollars in the early 1990s, which helped bring the drugs to market that allow people to live with HIV.

Over time, Red Hot created projects that followed the trajectory of the pandemic, notably in communities of color. Stolen Moments: Red Hot + Cool was not only Time Magazine’s album of the year, but also the first to deal directly with AIDS in Black communities and how it related to the legacy of slavery. Albums from Red Hot + Rio through Red Hot + Riot helped raise money and awareness of the AIDS crisis in South America and Africa. In the 2000s, Red Hot remained relevant and impactful through two collaborations with Aaron and Bryce Dessner – Dark Was the Night and Day of the Dead – as well as a tribute to Arthur Russell. Red Hot + Ra expands Red Hot’s mission fighting for inclusivity and equal access to health care in a way that’s appropriate to Sun Ra’s philosophy and the activism of the artists collaborating on the project by focusing on climate justice and mental health in communities of color.

Last year, Red Hot released Red Hot & Riot: A Tribute To Fela Kuti, a 20th anniversary edition of the beloved compilation dedicated to the iconic musician. Released on World AIDS Day, the updated release featured unheard tracks and unseen collaborations between the project’s numerous contributors, who ranged from D’Angelo to Nile Rodgers to Kelis. The album is available HERE

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Red Hot / Red Hot & Ra: Nuclear War


1. Georgia Anne Muldrow — Nuke’s Blues (Feat. Josef Leimberg)
2. Angel Bat Dawid — Part 1- The Cosmic Bypass
3. Angel Bat Dawid — Part 2- Nuclear War!
4. Angel Bat Dawid — Part 3- Kiss Yo Ass Goodbye
5. Malcolm Jiyane Tree-O — We’re Not Buying It (Featuring Grandmaster CAP)
6. Irreversible Entanglements — Nuclear War