Ropeadope’s REnew Jersey Efforts for Hurricane Sandy Victims

PHILADELPHIA (November 28, 2012) — renew Jersey is a message of hope and affirmation for the millions affected by Hurricane Sandy on the New Jersey shore and beyond. A simple concept – buy a tee shirt, show your pride in New Jersey, and help those millions of people affected by the storm.

New Jersey beaches are a treasured slice of Americana; from the boardwalk shops to the carousels and roller coasters. Millions of people have found joy and peace throughout their lives with a weekend ‘down the shore’. Millions more have earned a living as people flock to the beach in the summer. What is truly amazing about New Jersey resorts is the mix: locals, fishermen, day trippers and hard core surfers mix with the privileged who own summer homes. Each of these dynamic qualities flourish against a backdrop of homegrown family businesses that dominate the landscape and keep New Jersey’s hard earned identity intact.

New Jersey has a strong musical heritage from Thomas Edison‘s invention of the phonograph record to a vastly impressive list of native New Jersey musicians. Such inspirational artists include Nelson Riddle, Frank Sinatra, Whitney Houston, George Clinton, Count Basie, Wayne Shorter, Glenn Danzig, Debby Harry, Ice T, and of course, Bruce Springsteen. From the Newark jazz scene of the early 20th century, to the first Hip-Hop recording of Rapper’s Delite in 1978, to the unrelenting punk and metal scene, New Jersey is and always has been a place of musical innovation.
ropeadopes Renew Jersey T-shirt
The Nelson Riddle Foundation‘s mission is to preserve, maintain and promote the musical legacy of Nelson Riddle for future generations and by doing so provide music education opportunities and benefit communities. The foundation has graciously offered to administer donations from renew jersey and get the funds directly to musicians in need in New Jersey. By keeping proceeds separate, they will be getting money quickly to those in need with little overhead – exactly what working musicians need at this time.Ropeadope is a Philly-based record label and apparel brand that has a history of helping. In 2005 we created the renew orleans clothing line and raised over $80,000.00 for musicians affected by Hurricane Katrinarenew jersey and renew york are the company’s way of helping victims of Hurricane Sandy