With the release of her upcoming EP in July, the enigmatic artist Sidibe teases us with her latest single “Hold Your Breath“. Nico Stadi’s modern and timeless production sets the tone, but it is Sidibe’s luscious and nuanced vocals that sweep us away. Helping out on the track, she has some of the best in the business with Nate Mercereau on guitar and Warryn Campbell on keys.

Along with her collaborator Nico Stadi, Sidibe has been steadily building a catalogue of songs that leaves no doubt about her prowess as a vocalist and songwriter. Defying genres and comparisons, she effortlessly weaves classic and contemporary elements into everything she does.

“When Nico Stadi and I are in the studio creating new music, we always make sure our space is not polluted with expectations or agenda. This allows us to play with whatever ideas wander into our minds. This approach is so important to me because I believe that apart from talent and execution, authenticity is the most important aspect of the creative process.”  Sidibe

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