Sidibe EP Release: Reckless Abandon

With its intricate layers of harmonies and a lead vocal so pure and effortless it makes angels blush, Sidibe’s new EP Reckless Abandon is a wonder for our ears

Every aspect of Reckless Abandon shows the love and respect Sidibe and partner Nico Stadi have for the craft. The musicality of it displays their combined talent beautifully and evokes comparisons to the flawless harmonies and vocal arrangements from Michael and Marvin.

On “Place for You and I”,  Sidibe and Stadi were were inspired by bossa nova influences. While the first new notes might bring Sade to mind, “Place for You and I” quickly takes a turn and becomes something singularly spectacular. The title track “Reckless Abandon” is a lesson in seduction. Again, Sidibe leaves us struggling to find comparisons.

Nico Stadi’s nuanced and sophisticated production makes every song feel timeless. Making his job easier, Sidibe has brought in master musicians like Warryn Campbell, Nate Mercereau, Issac Bolivar, Rodney Jones Jr., Elizabeth Steiner, Dmitry Gorodetsky and Mononeon.

Every step of the creative process was so magical. I hope that magic resonates with people when they listen to it.”  Sidibe