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Sidibe’s newest song “Unreachable” highlights her signature voice and harmonies. Drawing from Sting, Sade and Toto for inspiration, Sidibe shows us that no genre is unreachable for her with this upbeat take on failed communication.” highlights her signature voice and harmonies. 

When you have a voice as versatile as Sidibe, genres become less relevant. While shape shifting effortlessly through genres, she maintains a signature sound that blends ethereal vocals, lush harmonies and romantic themes. Love isn’t always lovely, and she tackles the downside of romance with a sense of hopefulness that reminds us that even pain can be beautiful.

With Nico Stadi by her side as her primary collaborator, co-writer and producer, Sidibe takes on the role of executive producer. This creative relationship has allowed for both growth and consistency with her music as she continues to evolve as an artist and a woman. Amidst all this expansion, one thing stays the same – “Unreachable” features a line-up of stellar musicians including Warryn Campbell, Nate Mercereau, Rodney Jones Jr. and Aaron Spears.

Sidibe had this to say about “Unreachable”, “When I am writing, I like to draw from my life and the emotional landscape I am navigating at the time. In those moments when I feel like I am struggling with writer’s block, all I have to do think about what is going on in my life and there is endless inspiration.”

Another Sidibe signature includes her vulnerable and honest lyrics. She explains, “It’s all about honesty. Besides execution and skill, honesty is the most important thing an artist can bring to the process of creation.”

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