Following my year long stint in Lagos back in 2009 with the help of a few guardian angels and a fist full of passion, I finally got to plant the seeds for what has now become my debut documentary feature, ‘Elder’s Corner‘.

Elder’s Corner is a musical journey through pivotal moments in the colorful and dynamic history of Nigeria as told through the lives, work and careers of the nations foremost music icons.

During the course of my visit to Nigeria, I was able to seek out and engage a number of the country’s foremost music legends, among them; Fatai Rolling Dollar, Emperor Dele Ojo, Jimi Solanke, Tony Benson and Elder Statesman, Chris Ajilo. They told me such incredible stories of triumph, success, tragedy, disappointment, as well as their continued love and passion for mistress music which has taken them to such dizzy heights as well as dark and pitiful lows. They also shared with me their hopes and dreams for the coming generation and their beloved country, Nigeria. I now wish to share all these incredible stories and so much more with you all, for in many ways, the collective journeys of these pioneering icons reflects that of the nation itself.

We have recently interviewed legendary Jazz Pianist Randy Weston, world renowned DJ/Producer and Yoruba Records founder, Osunlade, legendary Vibraphonist and soul funk maestro, Roy Ayers as well as Afrobeat DJ/Producer, Rich Medina and singer, songwriter, performer Wunmi for the project.

I have just launched this 40 day kickstarter fundraising campaign in a bid to help raise awareness for the project as well to help fund its crucial next phase which would involve our having to seek out and interview a few more key icons particularly those from both the eastern and northern parts of Nigeria, as well as key contributors including historians, ethnomusicologists and political figures. In addition, we need to stage a number of first time, intimate, live music performance sessions between the icons and musicians from the coming generation including myself, (Siji) and the likes of Keziah Jones, Ade Bantu, Nneka and others.

Your combined support to the project will go a long way towards helping to make this a possibility and indeed a dream come true. Kindly lend your support to this great and historical documentary by MAKING A PLEDGE and sharing it with all your friends and associates globally.
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