1. Larry Heard- Fantasy

2. Mr. Fingers- Can You Feel It (Instrumental)

3. Mr. Fingers- Can You Feel It (Vocals by Robert Owens)

4. Mr. Fingers- Can You Feel It (MLK Version)

5. Larry Heard- Glancing at the Moon

6. Mr. Fingers- What About This Love

7. Mr. Fingers- Washing Machine

8. Larry Heard- When Summer Comes

9. Larry Heard Pres. Mr. White- You Rock Me (Long Version)

10. Larry Heard- One, Three, Five, Seven

11. Larry Heard- Another Night (Moody Man Re-Edit)

12. Larry Heard- A Long Short Story

13. Larry Heard- Missing You (After Dark Remix)

14. Larry Heard- Dolphin Dream

15. Larry Heard- Forbidden

16. Larry Heard- The Dance of Planet X

17. Larry Heard- Dreaming of Better Days

18. Larry Heard- Midnight Movement

19. Larry Heard- What is Devine?

20. Mr. Fingers- Closer (Closer to the Dub Mix)

21. Robert Owens- Bring Down the Walls

22. Larry Heard- And So I Dance (Anthony Nicholson’s And So I Rhumba Mix)

23. Mr. Fingers- What About This Love (MAW DUB)

24. Fingers Inc. Mystery of Love (Club Mix)

25. Fingers Inc.- Distant Planet

26. Larry Heard- Changes (Glenn Underground Vocal Version)

27. Fingers Inc.- Never No More Lonely

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