Such a fun show! We started things off with a few tributes to the late great J DILLA including an amazing rendition of ‘Welcome’ from Chris Dave – check out his new mix-tape at

February is Dilla month but if you listen to our show you know that we show love to DIlla’s legacy year round!!

Joining us in studio was Fusicology’s own Asya Shein. A good friend of mine and a huge fan and supporter of good music. She guest selected the first hour and played everything from new JDilla to some amazing deep South African house music. Head over to and stay in the know. If your in a new town and wanna hear some live soulful music, Fusicology is the place to go!

In the second hour we had the lovely Berkeley resident Mara Hruby. I asked her to select a few songs that inspires her and she chose to play Bobby Bland, Norah Jones, Jesse Boykins & Andre 3000. Needless to say we were all floored.

Check her out and support her music at



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