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1.Shake the Dog ft. Monique Bingham-Do It (QB’s Hot Mix)

2.Hillary Sargeant- Fanga (Abicah Soul Mix)

3.Eltonnick ft. Zaki Ibrahim- Firefly

4.Stephanie Cook- It’s Like Nothing (Reelsoul Remix)

5.Lady Alma & The Rainmakers- Let it Fall (Dj Spen’s Century Falls Mix)

6.Vick Lavendar pres VLE ft. Nicole Mitchell (Zepherin Saint Tribe Vocal)

7.Pablo Fiero- I Don’t Speak House (Mr. Moon Remix)

8.Rooted Channel Brothers ft. Griffith Malo- Shaping My Dreams (Ocean Deep Mix)

9.Ten City- That’s the Way Love Is (Deep House Extended Version)

10. Sijo- Ijo

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