Google files new patent lawsuit against Apple, an impotent Facebook army, Pussy Riot’s new anti-Putin song, LMFAO at NASA Mars Rover parody, Anderson Cooper socializes the talk show, Julian Assange urges US to renounce the witch hunt against WikiLeaks & more!


Amazon Prime Instant Video Beefs Up Sports And Documentary Content, Adds ESPN’s 30 For 30 Film Series


Personalize Your Jambox Starting August 28, Jawbone Insiders and Klout Users To Get One Week Head Start


Google Files New Patent Lawsuit Against Apple, Seeks To Block iPhone, iPad & Mac Imports To U.S.


An Impotent Facebook Army: Non-voters Favor Obama 2-1


Facebook’s Stock Price Plunges In Early Trading A Day After The Lockup Expired


Congressman’s Remarks About Rape and Pregnancy Rebuked on Twitter


Silversun Pickups to Romney Campaign: Stop Using Our Song


Listen to Pussy Riot’s New Anti-Putin Song


The Hottest Laptop Bags for the Modern Working Girl [VIDEO]


Turn Your Instagram Pics Into Coasters [VIDEO]


Judge: Apple Lawyers ‘Smoking Crack’


LMFAO at NASA Mars Rover Parody [VIDEO]


How ‘Anderson Live’ Is Socializing the Talk Show


Assange: U.S. ‘Must Renounce Witch Hunt Against WikiLeaks’


Online Petition Urges NBC To Cancel ‘Star Earn Stripes’ For Glorifying War


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