Are surveillance cameras turning UK into Big Brother State? FaceBook tops 1 billion monthly active users, BBC launches on-demand music streaming service, 10 people you only see in NYC, Chanel wants you to delve into its archives & more!


Surveillance Cameras Turning UK into Big Brother State [VIDEO]


SoundCloud Partners With Getty Images Music — Users Can ‘Sync’ License Tracks For Commercial Use


Facebook Tops 1 Billion Monthly Active Users, CEO Mark Zuckerberg Shares A Personal Note


Google Warns Thousands Of Users About Potential State-Sponsored Cyber Attacks


Pandora Reveals How Much It Pays Artists


In A Keyboard-Free Future, What Happens To All The Writers?


Samsung Expects Another Record Quarter: $7.3 Billion Profit, Fuelled By Its Galaxy Smartphones


Sprint Launches StarStar Me To Replace Your Phone Number With Your Name


How France’s Government Screwed Its Entrepreneurs So Hard They Became Pigeons


BBC Launches On-Demand Music Streaming Service


The Opinion Graph? Cheerboo Launches An Easy Way To Gauge Public Sentiment On Any Topic


3G Security Flaw Could Let Anyone Track Your Phone


Comedian Louis C.K. Sells Friend’s Breast Cancer Standup Set on His Website


10 People You’ll Only See in New York City


The Oatmeal Helms Indiegogo’s Fastest Growing Campaign, Raises $1.4M [INFOGRAPHIC]


Spotify Posted Net Loss of $59 Million in 2011 [REPORT]


Worldcam Helps You Find Instagram Photos in Specific Locations


Travel Through 2,000 Years of Paris’ History With Interactive 3D Model


Chanel Wants You to Delve Into Its Archives


U.S. Military Tackles High Rate of Suicides With an App


Are Unmanned Drones the Future of Journalism?


Why Is It So Hard to Buy an Electric Vehicle?

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