420 Gifts

In 2018, April 20th has transformed beyond celebrating a *special* flower you can smoke. People are getting creative and cannabis is now being infused into tasty treats, beauty products and even pet supplements for everyday use. #treatyoself or your bff (who might be of the feline or canine species) on this cannabis holiday to feel good not just stoned: 

Cannabis Beauty Defined Cleanser
Cannabidiol (CBD) has truly been a game changer in the beauty industry over the past few months. Cannabis Beauty Defined was formulated to maximize the effects of CBD to protect skin from the damage caused by free radicals. This cleanser is non-drying, sulfate free and packed with vitamins, minerals, and enriching moisture to leave your skin looking vibrant and healthy. It’s an extremely effective anti-inflammatory and is known to help slow down the anti-aging process as well.

Real Scientific Hemp Oil-X
Did you know that CBD is a great recovery tool for post-workout? It helps make your post-routine recovery period shorter. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory, so your body bounces back to its natural state faster. This is HempMeds’ THC-free version of CBD hemp oil and it’s an easy, safe way to incorporate CBD into your daily regimen (and is great for those who are subject to drug tests).

Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO) Salve
Speaking of recovery, this salve works wonders for tired muscles, aching joints, or sore bodies. Simply rub the salve on the area that hurts and soon you’ll be on your way to relief. Beyond that, RSHO salve can be used to relieve rough elbows, cracked cuticles or dry hair… hello, glow!

Mango Citrus Dixie Botanicals Kicks
Feeling a little sluggish? Trying to cut back on the ridiculous amount of coffee you drink daily? This healthy, low calorie energy chew is blended with 60 mcg of Vitamin D3 for a more natural boost. These Kicks also contain B vitamins and pure CBD-isolate to help give you the energy you need on-the-go.

Phyto Animal Health Bacon Apple Donuts (Released on 4/20)
You certainly don’t want to forget your favorite furry friend on 4/20. CBD is great for pets and they too are supported from its powerful benefits. These CBD-infused soft chews help provide support to your dog’s cardiovascular function, fights anxiety, supports joints and hips, and provides other desirable side effects such as glowing skin and hair. Did someone say bacon?<

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