Urban Tech Center Announces Indiegogo Campaign

“…Urban Tech, (is) an outstanding nonprofit that has developed web-based programming for students on issues such as relationships, substance abuse, and reproductive health.”
– Sir Elton John

With the goal of providing 2,000 at-risk students in 20 schools across the country the necessary training and skills to achieve and succeed in school and after graduation, The National Urban Technology Center (Urban Tech) announced today a massive fundraising effort with donations being accepted directly via Indiegogo. Urban Tech’s flagship program, The Youth Leadership Academy® (YLA) is an online, multimedia curriculum that is currently reaching over 8,000 students ages 6-16 in schools throughout the United States. Contributions will provide struggling students a better chance for success while in school and upon graduation, including:


-Expand the YLA program, Urban Tech’s high-impact technology, life skills and literacy curriculum, in each school.

-Train teachers and parents to engage their students, improve social skills, encourage academic performance and prepare them for college and careers.

-Work with school administrators to create a climate that supports positive behavior and hope – replacing apathy with opportunity and helping the nation to bolster its 21st Century education initiatives.

-Develop the next generation of YLA for mobile applications to increase students’ time outside of school on essential skills for success and support those who have dropped out and need to complete a GED program.


Every donation of $25 or more will make a meaningful impact in a student’s future. Donations can be made directly at Indiegogo:  www.indiegogo.com/urbantech.