Monday December 11, 2023

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Coming up on the show:
Tony Cintron – Unlimited Touch
Poogie Bell- Musician
Will Calhoun – Living Colour
Allen George – Producer/ Songwriter
Brad Johnson – Restauranteur
Eric Sadler- Producer/Public Enemy
Bob Celestin, esq. – Attorney/ Uptown Records GM
Kenny Ortiz – A&R Legend/ SWV
Bernard Fowler- Artist/ NYC Peech Boys/ Rolling Stones
JoJo Mc Duffie – Mary Jane Girls
Rochelle Fleming – The Voice of First Choice
Mic Murphy – Writer/ Artist / The System
Barbara Tucker – Artist/ Choreographer
Eugene S Robinson – Musician/ Journalist
Maya Azucena- Grammy Awarded Artist & Activist
Freedom Williams – Rapper/C & C Music Factory
The Mad Stuntman – I Like to Move It
Thea Austin – Snap
Wally Badarou – Artist/ Producer/Level 42

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