7:00 pm

WCRX Friday Night Showcase

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WCRX Friday Night Showcase

The WCRX Friday Night Showcase is a live concert series featuring artists from the charity music project, PlaybackPlayfwd.

PlaybackPlayfwd has been in the works since April of this year. Covid-19 hit the music industry pretty hard and left many individuals with little to none. This is exactly how the idea of a charity album surfaced. Why not give back to individuals in the music industry with what it does best, MUSIC!

Vol. I of PlaybackPlayfwd is a five-track album with song covers from the early 1900’s (in relation to the 1918 pandemic). All proceeds from this album will be donated to MusiCares, the Recording Academy’s charity foundation. A diverse group of students and alumni from Columbia College Chicago have collaborated (virtually) to produce and record these unique songs with a 21st century twist.

Friday October 30, 2020

7:00 pm - 7:30 pm



, WCRX Friday Night Showcase