No Easy Props Hip-Hop 101 After School Program Expansion Project are in the running for $250,000 Pepsi Grant. What this means is that if we can get everyone to support this by voting for our idea every day, we will win which means many LA dancers that can teach, and want to work teaching youth their style of Hip-Hop dance will have work, and can impact youth’s life positively thru Hip-Hop!!  This is really huge!

We can do this!!!  Voting has already started!! Time is of the essence! We need people to vote everyday for us!
Please vote for our project 3x per day in these 3 ways:

Our project is under Arts and Culture category for $250,000 amount entitled: Hip-Hop 101 Expansion Project

2. text 105567 to Pepsi (73774)
We are not guaranteed to win, and we do need funding in order to bring programming to underserved areas where kids need us. Donations are appreciated and necessary to operate our nonprofit, No Easy Props, Inc. that runs the Hip-Hop 101 Program.  Click here to donate

Asia Yu

Director of Hip-Hop 101 Program
Please vote today for dance/arts for youth!
twitter: HipHop101Ed

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