Wallpaper* City Guides

The people that give us the hottest of the heat worldwide on a monthly basis, have also at times brought us the short-lived “Line” Mag (Sports, Sporting and Active wear), Spruce (Their uni-sex High Fashion foray), CML (A small mag briefly put together by the Wallpaper* staff for Camel Cigs) and the now-defunct Wallpaper* Navigator (Small, updated collections of the City Guides that come in each issue) now bring us something new…

Sure, they haven’t quite been the same since the departure of founder and former Chief Editor, Tyler Brule, but that hasn’t stopped The Selektor from purchasing at least one copy of each issue for a private collection. Teaming with Art, Architecture and Design heavy publisher PHAIDON, Wallpaper* delivers a new, pocket, purse or man-bag sized travel guide City by city for trust-fund world travelers in love with Art and Design.

Check them out here

Barcelona City Guide