Yoruba Records Presents: PYNOGRAPHY by OSUNLADE




Worldwide, May 16, 2011

Osunlade has embarked on what is to be the greatest achievement of his career. One would think that being a gold and platinum selling producer and creating one of the most respected recording labels in the world (Yoruba Records) would be enough. But the highest level of success is when you can give back to the creators who blessed you with the gift the world loves.


‘Pyrography’ is that gift. It is the junction where music and art become one manifesting into an incredible CD and Limited Collection Book. This Limited Edition Book and CD contains the art of Scott Marr and music from Osunlade.  Together, they have created a new view of the Yoruba Orisha deities to accompany the sound and feel of the music. The word pryography translates to ‘painting with fire’ and all the works are composed in this ancient fashion. It is a 12 x 12 inch hard cover book bound with leaf paper and features the first ever published Oriki’s (traditional Yoruba prayers) printed on a special Japanese haiku type paper from Nepal.

The music of ‘Pyrogaphy’ is an evolution incorporating the signature Yoruba Records sound while bridging organic and electronic forms of music. Braced with more vocal songs that previous album’s. Osunlade’s innovative endeavor features songs such as the stunning single ‘Idiosyncrasythe infectious ‘Envision and the Yoruba chant of ‘ Ser Al Santisimo’

‘Idiosyncrasy’, the albums first single, is now available on 10″ vinyl including an unreleased b-side that will not be available digitally. All the elements of ‘Pyrography’ are available May 16th, 2011 and Limited Collection book can be special ordered by contacting osunlade [at ] osunlade.net.

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Yoruba Records, VP


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