Zyr Vodka

Among all other distilled spirits, Zyr vodka stands alone – it is the cleanest tasting, most versatile choice for sipping neat, on the rocks or in a ZYR Vodka Martini. The ZYR recipe is velvety smooth with a clean, fresh and slightly sweet finish. Like many of the world’s other closely guarded formulas, ZYR is the result of select ingredients, recipe, process, controls and tradition.

Because of ZYR’s proprietary 9 • 5 • 3 formula and the highest criteria for only the best raw ingredients, vodka has never tasted so clean or felt so smooth, so creamy. Centuries of Russian vodka making traditions are integrated with the most innovative filtration and distillation technology available today. Only after this process is completed can the vodka be called ZYR. it.

This is not your everyday “well” vodka, nor is  it one the giants of the vodka world. Instead, it is the specialty vodkas that you’ll want to mix into a vodka martini or enjoy over ice with a few good friends.

Founder Dave lived in Moscow for 5 years in the 90s after graduating from the University of Rochester with a BA in Russian Studies. He visited more than 40 distilleries and farms in 2000-2002 to master the art of making vodka. Zyr is his recipe, he holds a patent on the bottle shape and Zyr is his dream come true. Dave speaks fluent Russian.

Zyr is a blend of non-GMO organic Rye and Winter Wheat, distilled 5 times and filtered 9. No sugar, glycerin or other additive has ever been used to hide some imperfection. There are 3 ingredients; soft water sourced from a lake near Finland, winter wheat and rye! That’s it!

“Zeer” comes from a song by Konstantin Nikolsky, “Zerkalo Mira,” or “Reflection of the World. “ David wanted his brand to represent a more modern Russia and felt Zyr should reflect the world’s opinion of Russian vodka, the birthplace of vodka and the source of the world’s best vodka.

Sales began in 2002, based out of David’s apartment in Manhattan and have since totaled tens of millions of dollars in more than a dozen states and is the only Vodka to receive 100 points with Wine Enthusiasts. In Top 5 Vodkas in Russia. In Top 10 signature Vodkas in the world

Zyr, Crafted Since 2001

Zyr is available to purchase online for nationwide shipping at zyrvodka.com/pages/zyr-store, also you can locate stores where Zyr is sold at Zyrvodka.com


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