This month also marks the launch of the Fusicology: New Orleans page during possibly the most important season for the Crescent City. As the people of New Orleans struggle to re-build their homes, businesses, and lives through community, unity, and faith, Fusicology is proud to be a part of that re-building. After all, the unique culture of Nawlins is what makes it so important on a global scale. With carnival season upon them, and the Saints almost making it to the SuperBowl for the first time in their 40-year history, New Orleanians are certainly floating on high hopes and a bit of a breather from the everyday wear and tear of their drastically changed lives.

Mardi Gras, taking place Tuesday February 20 this year, has been nearly, since its inception, the fabric that has woven the city together, not to mention provided immeasurable economic stability in a metropolis still plagued by age-old racism and prejudice. Now, after the largest disaster this nation has ever seen, the citizens of this American cultural gem come together to officially charge and sue the Army Corps of Engineers for the fatal failing of the levees, after years of disregarding warnings.

A universal symbol of faith, and the crest icon of New Orleans for over a century, the fleur-de-lis, in its many shapes, colors, and sizes, may just be the symbol of the year… a commonality now among people of all walks of life in southern Louisiana. And although rumor has it that the legendary NOLA-native blues master, Dr. John, will decline his Grammy nomination this year in fear that it is a “pity” nomination, the world will eternally have New Orleans to thank for the additions of the rich, colorful flavors of Second-Line Rebirth Brass music, and the contemporary hybrid of Brass-Hop, to our ever-growing and ridiculously absurd dictionary of musical sub-sub-genres.

Don’t believe the hype – NOLA is back! Experience it while you can!

Words: Jocelyne M. Ninneman