3D printing and 3D scanning made a big statement at this year’s CES!  The products that the printers have created have made a large leap in technological advances from printed garments to printed band instruments that were performing live at the show.  One of the highlighted products that we enjoyed was Polar 3D which uses a printing circular bed instead of square bed that helps giving larger diameter for printing.  Some acclaimed 3D printers were Ultimaker Pro and Makerbot making them great for high resolution printing with open source platforms that allows you to bring in meshes that they’re user base community has created.



The 3D scanning was too mind boggling.  If you need to create or make references to objects your building the scanner is very useful.  With Shining 3D You have the ability to scan objects on plates and with iSense you can scan with a handheld device hooked to your Tablet.  With both products combined the possibilities of your imagination is endless.


3D printing and scanning works very well for artists, designers, engineers, educators, and hobbyists looking to add to their career or embark on a new on one.  These devices prices range from $699 to $3999 retail for 3D printers and $379 + for 3D scanners.   Soon you will see them in every home for family use so get yours and begin building!

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