Africology Shop launches its online eclectic streetwear brands store.

Washington, DC – March 2021: Africology Shop, an online retail establishment representing African, Caribbean and Latin American streetwear brands, has launched. Their brands are all created internally or curated through partnerships with an eclectic range of entities—from musicians to influential lifestyle brands. The brands include Addis State of Mind, Addis Ababa Rockers, Africology Clothing, Africology Collaborations, Kushineta, Royalty Pack and The Healing of The Nations.

The brands transcend all kinds of gaps and offer tasteful select designs for anybody looking to express themselves in a modern and unique way. By sharing who they are, they aim to build bridges and connect the world at large and keep each respective culture relevant. The secret ingredient to thier brand positioning is the collaborations and partnerships that Africology Shop and its subset of brands are producing. This is how they showcase their vision of uniting and celebrating cultures.

The community is the backbone behind each brand. They are fueled and inspired by the creatives who are defining their cultural identities through the art they put forth. Africology Shop consciously builds bridges within various communities to propel them into being the thought leaders and artists that they are.

Change starts at the foundation and reinvesting in the community is key. Africology collaborations was created to support and uplift those in need in developing countries. Africology Shop teams up with creatives around the world to create designs with a 60 – 40 percent split. Africology’s 40 percent goes directly to an agreed cause with 100 percent transparency and accountability.

Their goal is to take away any ambiguity or confusion and transparently show how easy it is to shop their products. They also focus on virtually traveling to the different places they represent through their products and collaborations. With all of the products they carry, one thing that is consistent is the many bright and eclectic colors that customers can vibe with.

 In the words of Kalab Berhane, a co-founder of Africology, “collaborating with independent designers in Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America forms unity amongst creatives and empowers us to tell our own story and control our own narrative after all we are all culturally connected.”

Please visit Africologyshop.com to shop and follow the respective social media platforms to stay up to date on the latest announcements. @africology, @africologyshop, @africologyclothing, @africologycollaborations, @addis_stateofmind, @addisababarockers, @africanroyaltypack, @thehealingofthenations and @kushinetaskate.

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