After numerous delays, Big Boi’s solo debut, “Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty,” is finally ready — again — for the world to hear it. Although he wouldn’t reveal the exact release date, the Atlanta rapper played a few cuts off the set for members of the media last night (April 5) at New York City’s Electric Lady studio, including first single “Shutterbugg.”

“Party people in the club is time to cut a rug / and throw your fist up in the sky just for the shutterbug,” Boi flows on the funky track, which features him rapping with the use of a talk box (not to be confused with Auto-Tune) in the outro. The song, much like Estelle’s latest single, “Freak,” also borrows a line from Soul II Soul’s “Back To Life.”

“I met with Andre three-thou a few weeks ago and wanted his opinion on it. He was like, ‘this is the first single, second single, third,
fourth… man, you got like seven singles already’,” Big Boi told the crowd about his Outkast partner choosing his singles. It comes as no surprise Andre had his hand in the project to some capacity, being that the album has a very “Stankonia” and “Speakerboxxx/The Love Below” vibe so far.

Big Boi played a total of six cuts from the alleged 14-track album (the deluxe edition will feature 18 songs, he announced) including the bassy, piano-based “Turns Me On,” produced by Organized Noize and featuring Sleepy Brown; “Tangerine,” featuring T.I. with tambourines and guitars; and the Lil Jon-produced “Hustle Blood,” which Big Boi describes as a track “for the ladies.” The song features Jamie Foxx.

Last month, Big Boi released the video to a song called “Fo Yo Sorrows,” featuring George Clinton and Too $hort. In the last three years, since starting work on the album, the rapper also leaked “Royal Flush,” featuring Andre 3000 and Raekwon, “Sumthin’ Gotta Give,” with Mary J. Blige, “Dubbz,” and most recently, “Shine Blockas” with Gucci Mane.

At the end of last year, he told fans should expect the album to be released at the top of 2010, followed by an Outkast album.

“L.A. knows what time it is since I was a teeny bopper, so when I first started working on the record I talked to L.A.,” Big Boi said at the end of the listening, thanking L.A. Reid, who recently signed him to a solo deal at Def Jam. “He gave me the opportunity to make it happen. Thanks to the Def Jam fam.”


“And last night, he premiered a new single from the still-upcoming Sir Luscious Left Foot called “Shutterbugg.” It’s fantastic…Like so much of [Outkast’s] best work together over the years, “Shutterbugg” knows no fixed genre. The beat has a left-field party vibe…all liquid synth lines and elastic guitars. Singers sing, with and without vocoders, over and around Big Boi’s rhymes. Oh, those rhymes. His flow and wit haven’t aged a day since Speakerboxxx. Are there still people who doubt that Big Boi is on the same level of lyrical talent as the great Andre? There shouldn’t be.”


“After a dapper L.A. Reid introduced him, Big Boi was nice enough to run through not only “Shutterbugg,” but also a few other Luscious tracks. They sound good!”


“Uh HELLO MR SUMMER JAM THANKS FOR SHOWING UP…It’s almost criminal it took this long, but let’s all just move on because judging by “Shutterbugg,” a ridiculous hi-fi Zappified Cadillac ride to Pluto, this album is still going to make a lot of other stuff sound kind of flimsy.”


“Shutterbugg” is the Cali funking new single from Big Boi…Between this Scott Storch-produced track and previously released album contenders “Fo Yo Sorrows”, “Royal Flush”, and “Shine Blockas”, Sir Luscious is sounding pretty damn stacked already. Feel that talkbox.”


“Big Boi is finally sharing his new music. The rapper and occasional ballet producer is kicking off the official promotion for his long-awaited Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty with “Shutterbugg”, a futuristic slice of funk deliciousness produced by Scott Storch… See if you can keep up with Big Boi as he rides the intricate beat, speaking up for Atlanta and proving that he hasn’t lost a step… Big Boi reminded us that when it comes to modern funk and Southern hip-hip, there may still be no one more vital than the pair better known as Outkast…it’s great to have Big Boi back.”


“In a packed, sweltering room at Electric Lady Studios in New York City, Andre “Big Boi” Patton is holding court, and in a way, reintroducing himself to a room full of press and record industry executives…Big Boi was all smiles as he introduced “Shutterbugg.” Produced by Scott Storch, “Shutterbugg” is in the same spirit as his last hit, 2003’s “The Way You Move”: The song is rollicking and funky and it commands anyone who listens to it to dance, or as Big Boi says in the song, “Cut a rug.”

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