c3:VisionLAB™ is pleased to present State of the Arts 2010, a one‐day symposium bringing together a multi‐disciplinary mix of experts to explore future trends in arts, media, communications and technology with a focus on the conscious use of creativity and its transformative power to drive positive global change. SOA 2010 will be held at Los Angeles Center Studios on Saturday, June 19th, 2010. SOA 2010 panelists include executives from Sony Pictures, Ovation Television and Lionsgate Films, progressive thinkers from leading Institutions including USC, The Producers Guild of America and the LA Opera, and well‐known Writers, Directors and Producers. “Our goal is to assemble intellectuals, creatives and industry leaders who together have the power to drive global change by leveraging future trends in Arts, Media and Entertainment” said c3:VisionLAB™

Founder, Kate McCallum. “This symposium is like a modern Florentine Camarata,” referring to the group of artists and intellectuals during the Renaissance who changed the world by creating a new immersive art form: Opera. SOA 2010 is, in fact, an official partner of RING FEST LA, a citywide arts festival celebrating the Los Angeles Opera’s series of Wagner’s RING Cycle and its extraordinary technological achievements. McCallum’s dream of changing the world through arts and media may not be far off. Her c3:VisionLAB was recently invited to chair an Arts & Media Node as part of a prestigious global think‐tank called the Millennium Project that taps 2,700 futurists from over 50 countries seeking solutions to global challenges. The results of the SOA 2010 Symposium
will be incorporated into the Millennium Project’s highly acclaimed State of the Future report which is disseminated to hundreds of CEO’s, policymakers, universities and strategic planners worldwide.

c3:VisionLAB™ Director and SOA 2010 Executive Producer, Alexandra Sokol, agrees “Arts and Media are powerful tools that go beyond just entertainment. With today’s expansive technology, we have the power to inspire, communicate, and transform. We need to use this power wisely. I believe we stand at a crossroads…that the future is going to change no matter what, for better or for worse. We can either sit back and watch it change, or take the influence of our mediums and actually CREATE the future we want.”

SOA 2010 delivers five panel sessions designed with a uniquely fresh perspective on the future of Arts, Media, Communications and Technology, followed by an evening networking reception with cutting‐edge arts and technology exhibits, a 3D Lounge and a live performance of BELLA GAIA, an immersive media experience by Kenji Williams featuring NASA Earth science visualizations. The event will also offer a sneak preview of the Vortex Dome, Los Angeles’
first digital dome production studio and events venue opening this summer at Los Angeles Center Studios by symposium sponsor, Vortex Immersion Media, Inc.

c3:VisionLAB™, a part of c3:Center for Conscious Creativity, is a not‐for‐profit (pending) cutting‐edge research and project development think tank focused on emerging innovation and future trends in arts, media and communication technologies, and their use to create and drive solutions for global challenges. It is also the official Global Arts and Media Node of the Millennium Project, an internationally recognized global futurist think tank, as a contributor to research and projects according to the organization’s 15 Global Challenges. c3:VisionLAB™ is sponsored by Creative Visions Foundation, a publicly supported 501 (C3), which supports Creative Activists who use the power of media and the arts to affect positive change in the world. Donations and sponsorships are tax deductible.

Ticket price for full symposium access, including evening reception, are being offered at $350 but Fusicology readers through 6/12 can get a pass discounted by 25% for just $260 by registering here. There are also nonprofit, organizational and student discounts. Full information and registration is available on the symposium website at www.c3so.com.

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