Closed Sessions, the boutique hip-hop label based in Chicago’s Soundscape Studios, has begun to unveil their latest project, Closed Sessions Volume 2, the product of another year’s worth of artistic collaboration. Last year’s inaugural release helped put the label on the national radar on buzz generated from affiliated curatorial hip-hop website RubyHornet.com, and the second edition will be propelled further with the assistance of MTV 2 Sucker Free.


Closed Sessions Vol. 2 was recorded from May, 2010 through January, 2012 and shares a corollary relationship to Chicago’s recent omnipresence on the national hip-hop radar. Closed Sessions has been a catalyst for that recent ascent by hosting the monthly Digital Freshness event that draws headlining artists for a performance before then conducting a recording session at Soundscape. It is these recordings that ultimately amount to a series of mini-documentaries and singles premiering every Wednesday via MTV2.com starting July 11th. The free release of the full compilation will be this August.


Closed Sessions Vol. 2 features L.E.P. Bogus BoysAction BronsonRaekwonDJ BabuSir Michael Rocks of The Cool KidsMr. Muthafuckin’ eXquireCyhi The PrynceBluVonneguttVic Mensa of Kids These DaysMic Terror,Hollywood HoltNinjasonikFreddie GibbsYPOutasightNaledge of Kidz In The HallMillion $ Mano, and Donnis.


Download Action Bronson’s “Blackbird” and stream the mini-documentary here.

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