NYC-based CMJ, a 34-year industry leader in emerging independent artists, announces today that it is launching a YouTube Multichannel Network powered by New York-based Fresh Rights LLC. CMJ looks to capitalize on the rapid growth in YouTube Multichannel Networks and to use YouTube as a way to refresh their digital brand offering and increase year round coverage of the best new independent artists. With CMJ Music Marathon 2014 just around the corner, Fresh Rights will help its partnering artists collect on any uses of their content uploaded to YouTube during Music Marathon. In particular, Fresh Rights will help artists claim cellphone recordings of their performances, which for emerging artists can be a major source  of revenue not typically monetized. CMJ also looks to create a recurring CMJ session series which will feature live performances of the best artists to come out of this year’s Music Marathon.

CMJ Looks to YouTube to Help CMJ Artists Make Money – With a new direction and a new team, CMJ is eager to amplify and channel the magic that helped it launch the careers of bands like Eminem, Arcade Fire, Daft Punk, Green Day, and countless others. “There is a legacy of greatness with CMJ performers.  Fresh Rights looks to help CMJ take advantage of that in a way not done before and help the artists make serious money while getting them exposure through YouTube,” said Michael Galluppo, CEO of Fresh Rights. “Artists’ live performances and recorded content are constantly being uploaded to YouTube with no money getting back to them for its use. By claiming that content on behalf of the artists and getting them paid for its use, Fresh Rights makes sure that artists are in a place to continue making music while allowing users to share and distribute their music for free.  That’s just where it starts, as  there is so much more you can do with a network of this much talent. We couldn’t be more excited to be connected with CMJ,” says Galluppo.

Artists that join the MCN will also be able to leverage CMJ’s reach amongst consumers to help drive additional views of their videos.  “Our partnership with Fresh Rights allows us to build relationships with artists way beyond the conference and is a big part of our digital strategy going forward,” said Matt McDonald, SVP of Artists & Events at CMJ.

Fresh Rights will be creating a CMJ YouTube MCN[DK1]  this year that will take the best talent of CMJ Music Marathon 2014 and showcase them on the CMJ YouTube channel. An MCN is basically a grouping of YouTube pages that act as a network allowing you to showcase any of the content on those channels on one YouTube page. This network will look to showcase the best unsigned artists. It will also protect the use of these artists’ content helping them monetize their music on the internet.

About CMJ:

CMJ connects music fans and music industry professionals with the best in new music through interactive media and live events. CMJ.com offers a digital music discovery service, information, resources and community to new music fans, professionals and artists. CMJ produces the legendary CMJ Music Marathon, the largest and longest-running music industry event of its kind, in addition to live events across the US. The weekly music business trade publication CMJ New Music Report is the primary source for exclusive charts of non-commercial and college radio airplay. CMJ Access is an integrated marketing agency specializing in providing its clients unparalleled access to the college and young adult demographic and emerging music world.


About Fresh Rights:

Fresh Rights is a YouTube Certified company, one of less than 100 in the United States authorized to officially represent and administer content for rights holders and content owners. By being a certified partner, Fresh Rights is able to use the YouTube Spaces (studios) in New York, Los Angeles, London, and Tokyo to harbor new content and promote further creation.  As well, Fresh Rights is one of the first to receive beta tools that allow us to better serve our content partners by enhanced content usage detections, claiming tools, enhanced reporting, and a variety of other features that allow us to better monetize and protect the uses of your content while widening its exposure.  Fresh Rights is an official partner of the CMJ Music Marathon festival held annually in New York City and represents more than 80 professional recording artists.  Fresh Rights will be holding a showcase featuring Caleb Hawley and Not Blood Paint on opening night of the CMJ Music Marathon at the newly opened Livingroom in Brooklyn at 134 Metropolitan Ave. Please email [email protected] for more info. 

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