The Los Angeles Film School Hosted the Red-Carpet Screening of Coming Home: Colombia, for Students, Media and Industry Tastemakers


The Los Angeles Film School hosted students, media, and fans for a red-carpet screening of “Coming Home: Colombia” on June 14, 2018. The fifth installment in the docu-series followed DJ EFN and his crew as they visited Colombia and follows prior episodes that showcased countries around the world, learning about the influence of hip-hop on a number of cultures, including Cuba, Peru, Haiti, and Vietnam.




DJ EFN, co-host of widely popular podcast – Drink Champs, as well as famed American record label executive and DJ, was joined by cast-mates: Paulo Londono, Drain, Hazardis Soundz, Charles Ribeiro, Cejaz, and Lorenzo Mashan, for a Q&A that discussed the scope of hip-hop culture in Colombia.




The episode delves into the depths of Colombian society, where hip-hip is engrained into the hearts and souls of many communities. Rappers and freestylers explain to DJ EFN and his crew how they have the opportunity to narrate their daily lives through a similar hip-hop style to that of their own. Regardless of how different their cultures may be, hip-hop is a defining way for them to connect with the Colombian people they meet on their journey.


A country that has seen the strife of civil-unrest first-hand, the Colombian people had a lot to teach the Coming Home cast, and the fifth part of the docu-series continues to demonstrate the powerful theme of connecting cultures through music and the hip-hop movement.


Photos by Michael Muncatchy


A trailer of the film can be found here and below and will be available to watch on REVOLT TV, coming soon.



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