Imagine signing into Pandora and typing “Electronic Music” and an array of techo, deep soulful house, dubstep and electronica filtered through the speakers. That’s what each attendee of this year’s Movement Festival was treated to. Each music style had its own micro festival that changed every time a new act arrived on stage. Paxahau found ways to interchange each genre and create a daily theme for all to enjoy.

If you do not know much about Detroit’s largest festival, here are a few key important facts to take home:

• Detroit is the birthplace of techno! Imagine the sounds of the auto industry’s factories permeating the air with its sounds of clashing and banging driving America over base ridden 4/4 beats… That’s Detroit Techno thanks to Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May (the so-called Belleville Three), and Eddie Fowlkes.

• This year’s festival broke attendance records since they started ticketing the festival in 2005. An total of 99,000 + attendees.

• Michigan’s weather did not want to cooperate. Cool temperatures, rain, a tornado and a 92 degree closeout day did not stop attendees from getting their dance on.

• Ghetto tech, dubstep, tech house and deep house heads can all get along!

• Red Bull vs Vitamin Water had become the theme of the weekend. There were no such thing as the main stage after the line ups presented by both sponsors. They both had the best stages full of LED lights and amazing sound systems and the crows of thousands for the duration of the festival.

• The Made In Detroit stage showcased Detroit’s best house and techno DJs and also the best dancers. (See the B-Boy footage) If there were ever a term soulful tech, these guys had it down.

If you have not experienced Detroit’s premier festival, my suggestion is to plan your Memorial Day 2012 destination in Detroit to get your dance on!


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