Digital Mind State to Collocate iAm Digital™ Music, Technology, Brands Conference with CTIA 2013


The entire music technology ecosystem gathers under one roof for iAm Digital! 

Digital Mind State announces the collocation of iAm Digital™ “Symbiotic Media: Fighting for the Users” with CTIA 2013, May 20-23, in Las Vegas, NV. Asseverating the necessity of iAm Digital, Digital Mind State (creative marketing and consultancy agency) posits that the nascence of an increasingly virtual marketplace calls for the music industry’s willingness to envision an ecosystem of openness, good digital citizenship, and effortless accessibility. The customer and/or consumer is now the fan
and/or the user.

Digital Mind State CEO Mike Johns suggests: “From the days of Soulja Boy to the
“Gangnam Style” rapper Psy, it’s been well documented how musicians are taking
advantage of social media. Yet, little time is devoted to discussing how musicians can
optimize their opportunities via divers technologies such as online video platforms—or even
how an artist gets paid from streaming music. iAm Digital is designed to help empower
artists and indie labels to maximize their revenue. Fighting for our users is now selfpreservation. Think of it as media symbiosis: we need each other to survive.”

CTIA 2013 conference-goers may attend iAm Digital sessions, which will feature executivelevel panelists discussing the trends, challenges, business models, and opportunities facing
the wireless entertainment market including: the future of mobile music and the great
expectations for mobile film/TV, the growing market for mobile games, branded
entertainment, peer-to-peer networking, etc.


iAm Digital is the first of its kind two-day expo focuses on creating Awareness, Education
and Self-Empowerment in Music through Technology. A product from Digital Mind State,
iAm Digital aim’s to educate and inspire participants by offering numerous industry panels,
engaging keynotes, live cutting-edge demonstrations and countless networking

This is the premier B2B marketplace for those in music, film and
technology/Web space. iAm Digital also provide a platform for brands that are interested in
reaching the ever growing young hip multi-cultural tech savvy professionals including: media
execs, tech entrepreneurs, social media experts, bloggers, record labels, celebrities and

For additional information, visit http://iamdigital.info