There was a time after 9/11 when NY still had somewhat of an identity in rap. That time was run by The Dips. Killa Cam, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana and Freaky Zeaky had the city on tilt at one point. That point has long since past but there are plenty of people that wave the Harlem Diplomats flag, and in turn the Dips keep the movement moving.

Brought together by Hot 97’s Funk Master Flex, Dipset started with some new records that had the right energy but wasn’t exactly what people came for. If you pay to see the Dips in 2015 you want the hits. Those Heatmakerz and Just Blaze bangers. The group almost immediately split up into solo sets starting with Jim Jones who had some highs but mostly lows. During most of his set the crowd was fairly calm (he saved Balling for the end of the show). Juelz set was on 10 the whole time. Freaky Zeaky showed just how important it is to have the right friends. I’m sure he gets a cut for just being on stage, shouting ad-libs, and dancing weird.

Cam’ron is still clearly the leader of the whole gang. It’s amazing to hear the different level of song structure and production on his songs compared to the rest of the Dips. I Really Mean It and Down and Out are just on another level even a decade after they were first released. Hell Rell came out for Get’em Daddy, though he had to fight through 2/3rds of the stage covered by non performers to do his verse.

If you’re a fan of the Dips you can’t really miss this show. They do everything, even Purple City Byrdgang.

STORY: Dashaun Simmons @rose13

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